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How to write CV?

Tips for Resume Writing

A resume has purpose to market your skills, achievements, professional, background, academic history.

During interview, you need to focus on,

Writing a winning resume simply takes thought and planning so before writing resume, you must have clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your professional life.

Things to keep in mind while writing Resume
1) Typography(font & Size)
2) Customization of your resume
3) Resume Format, size and file names
4) Highlighting qualities and strengths
5) using effective titles
6) Using Bullet Lists
7) Proper Headers and Footers
8) Use action verbs
9) Using Mr. and Ms if appropriate

Information that good resume should Contain
- Correct Contact Information
- Education and Training Details
- Skill and Qualifications Summary
- Achievements
- Your Current Career level
- Professional Experience (For Experienced)

Things to Avoid in Resume
1) Using Pictures
2) Irrelevant work experiences
3) No lies
4) Current and Expected Salary
5) Size of The resume
6) No Hobbies
7) No scattered information
8) No fancy design
9) No Pronouns
10) Spelling mistakes.
11) Grammatical Errors
12) Misuse of apostrophes, plurals, and possessives.
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