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Seed Company Jobs as Area Crop Specialist

Job Title:Area Crop Specialist
Employer:Reputed Private Seed Company
Qualification:Bachelors in Science/agriculture.
Experience:3 years of experience in farming and/or agronomic practices.

Proficiency with MS Office.
Must be capable and competent of operating various farm machinery.
Ability to communicate in both local languages and English.
Ability of written communication in English

Job Responsibilities:
In order to meet the sales demand, contract authorized production orders with the best growers, and advises growers on proper management practices
To ensure procedure in seed production and consistent methodology and company policy.
Maintain log of off types removed for proper history and QA data and supervise rogueing crews.
In order to assure seed quality standards, apply and monitor company standards like isolation, pest control seed purity, germination, disease, pollination and weed control.
To ensure further quality control determination, dissect seed and process mill samples.
In order to apply and maintain best practice procedures, aide in the planting, spraying and harvesting of contracted and company seed production.
In order to ensure sterility for production technique and yield improvements, evaluate nicking trials, production research trials and all hybrid productions.
In order to ensure proper quality, identity and proper delivery, direct timely control of specific agricultural tasks, i.e., load/unload stock roots and bulbs, identify, mark and/or destroy pollinator rows, sort and box in case of onion the bulbs.

How to Apply : Interested candidates who fulfils the requirements above, please send your CV in English to e-mail: Resume[at]

Note:We Do not accept any money from candidate